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The Lori Extended Projection Retractable Awning
The Lori Extended Projection retractable canopy awning, similar to the Pisa dome canopy awning, is a convex, four-ribbed design which offers the unparalleled strength and style of the Pisa with two exceptional benefits:

* It requires only minimal height clearance, which makes it ideal for tight spaces or low eaves.
* It allows extended projection, which means that the awning can have additional length added to provide more coverage.

Like its namesake, the Lori’s canopy dome extends over astonishingly large areas in a picture-perfect design for windows, doors, and entry points. Its traditional, elegant look is both beautiful and functional, suited to both homes and businesses. Because the Lori canopy awning has a broad base, logos and designs and text can be easily screened on the awning, since the Lori canopy awning is a popular choice for storefronts. The Lori canopy awning is shipped complete with wingstops, pulleys, and cord and cord cleat, for a smooth manual retractable operation. The Lori retractable canopy awning can be easily closed for high winds, snow, hail, and ice or to allow more light and heat inside on gloomy and cold days.

New View Retractable Awnings offer longer life-times and better fabric appearance because closing the awning protects the awning fabric from damaging UV rays, which increases the life expectance of the fabric dramatically compared to fixed awnings, which suffer constant sun exposure.

Lori Extended Projection Retractable Canopy Awning: Facts at a Glance

* The maximum height for the Lori canopy dome is 64 inches.
* The maximum projection (how far the canopy extends) for the Lori canopy dome awning is 64 inches.
* The extended projection available for the Lori canopy awning ranges from 3 feet to over 5 feet, depending on the width of the awning.
* The collapsible, hinged arms, called wingstops, are custom-sized and available for any combination of canopy height and projection in one-inch increments.
* The maximum width for a Lori canopy dome awning in one piece is 20 feet.
* We offer hundreds of fabric choices and 18 different colors for the protective vinyl trim, which is attached to all ribs of the Lori frame where it meets the fabric of the awning.
* Lori frames are rust-proof aluminum, electrostatically powder-coated in white, cream, gray, or brown.
* Lori canopy frames are lightweight for easy installation.
* Please note: Motors are not available for the Lori retractable awning.
* The Lori canopy dome retractable awning is shipped fully-assembled and ready for installation.


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