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Papillon - Free Standing Awning

Sometimes you need a patch of space, a shady oasis to rest that isn't conveniently located near a wall or building. The Papillon fills that space – the wide, square canopy casts 100 square feet of shade. Anywhere you want it to be.

The Papillon is a freestanding awning, essentially a gargantuan permanent umbrella. The awning is a large square, peaked upward to the center of the awning like a pavilion to allow adequate runoff in light rains. The Papillon is perched on a sturdy aluminum support beam, which is relatively lightweight for its size. This support is off-center, on one side of the square canopy. 


This allows maximum usage under the awning and makes it easier to cluster multiple Papillon awnings together. The supports can be placed back to back in the center for an open area or placed on the outside to create more of a casual enclosure.


Unlike other, traditional-style awnings, the Papillon is mounted on its own base, which can be fixed in place or put on a portable block. There is even an optional swivel, which allows the Papillon to be pivoted 360 degrees for the utmost versatility.

The Papillon is made in a seamless expanse of fabric covering the awning itself. At the peak of the awning, the Papillon has a cutout cupola that works as a vent to allow airflow through the awning. This prevents it from tipping over in strong winds and prevents hot air from building up.

But the charm of the Papillon circles back to the fact that it can go anywhere. The Papillon doesn't extend existing space; it makes its own space.



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